Kent County Community Center will be CLOSED on Monday, October 10th for the Columbus Day Holiday.


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Kent County has completed the 2022 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (LPPRP). The LPPRP is required by the State of Maryland to be updated every five years and acts as a countywide master plan for land preservation, recreational programming, park acquisition, and facility development. Completion of the plan and required updates is a condition for qualifying for annual Program Open Space Grant funding used to develop parks and recreation facilities.

The file can be viewed at Kent County 2022 Land Preservation, Parks & Recreation Plan. For the best user experience, we recommend viewing the pdf file with Adobe Reader.

Welcome to Kent County Parks and Recreation at the Kent County Community Center.

At Kent County Parks and Recreation (KCPR) we strive to provide fun, safe, family oriented recreational activities and programs that promote wellness and build community ties. Parks and Recreation offers traditional activities, such as after school, summer camp, fitness classes, tumbling, and special events, as well as partnering in programming to offer certification classes, bird watching, canoeing, and hiking, to meet the needs of our patrons.

If you have questions about any of our programs, parks, or recreational activities, please use our website or feel free to contact us by email or phone. We are happy to help you and your family get out there and be active! At Kent County Parks and Recreation we are always working hard so you can play hard!  


View the full registration policies here.

To register for a program or activity, registration is accepted *online, in person and by mail. Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis. A separate registration/form is required for each participant unless noted otherwise with the program description. Paper forms are not necessary if registering online (if online registration is available for the program) or in person. Many of our programs have multiple pages to be completed and may be downloaded from the program information section on this site. Before completing a paper general registration form/packet, please confirm it is the correct form for the program for which you are registering.

*Online registration requires a nominal processing fee for the convenience of online credit card and electronic check payments.

To register online click below.


Department fees are based on residency, with Kent County resident fees and non-resident fees as listed on printed information, on our website and online through ActiveNet (our online registration program). Non-residents will be required to pay a non-resident fee.

KCPR reserves the right to require proof of identity-name, residency-address and age for patrons whether a resident or non-resident. Patrons who do not provide proof documentation will not be permitted to make a reservation. Patrons who indicate they are Kent County resident and do not provide proof of residency-address (if requested) will be required to pay the non-resident rate.

Shared Kent County and Queen Anne's County Zip Code: KCPR will confirm the street name of all addresses with a 21620 (Chestertown) or 21651 (Millington) zip code to confirm the appropriate rate is applied. Patrons with a Chestertown or Millington address/zip code who reside in Queen Anne's County will be required to pay the non-resident fee. If registration is completed and processsed at the resident rate and it is later determined that the non-resident rate should apply, additional charges (the difference between the resident rate and non-resident rate) shall be immediately due upon discovery of the discrepency. Failure to pay any additional charges by the advised deadline will result in cancellation of the registration and a refund (minus a $5 processing fee) will be issued. The non-resident rate will not be adjusted if a non-resident becomes a resident after payment is completed.

View the Kent County Parks and Recreation registeration policies by clicking on the link under the Program and Activity Registration section on this page.


Weather closing information and general announcements are posted on the Parks and Recreation home page bulletin board, the Kent County Community Center Facebook Page and our Rainout Line at 410-429-1401 or visit (usually no later than 7:30 am or 3 pm for evening programs the day in question when weather related).


In general, if Kent County Public Schools (KCPS) are closed, close early, or cancel evening programs, all programs at public school sites are closed. Kent County Parks and Recreation (KCPR) youth programs at the Kent County Community Center (KCCC) and KCPR facilities are closed when county facilities remain *open. KCPR adult programs at county facilities will be open when county facilities remain *open. If KCPS are one hour or 90 minutes late, morning programs will be open. *If KCPS are two hours late, morning programs will be closed. These general policies do not necessarily apply to programs offered by private vendors (please refer to program description) at the Community Center as they determine their opening and closing schedules when the Community Center remains *open on a normal operating schedule when there is inclement weather.

*All programs are closed when the Snow Emergency Plan or the State of Emergency Plan is in effect, however, should Plan(s) be lifted by 2 pm, evening adult programs will generally be open. In consideration of other factors, programs may be cancelled. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

*On a case by case basis when KCPS are two hours late, it may be determined that morning adult programs may be open when the KCCC is open on time.


In general, announcements for weekend and/or summer programs and events held at the KCCC or KCPR facility are posted by 8 am on the day in question (whenever possible). Decisions for programs with a start time before 8 am will be posted by 10 pm the night before. From time to time circumstances may not allow for postings to be made in the general time frames.

Rainout Line is how we provide notifications and information to the public for weather closures/cancellations for the Kent County Community Center (KCCC), Parks & Recreation/Office (KCPR), swimming pools, parks, athletic fields/ball diamonds, events and more! We have consolidated all of our existing notification platforms to the Rainout Line platform that pushes updates out via *text message, email, on Facebook and on our website.To sign up for alerts or to download the free app on smart devices please visit A traditional call-in hotline (410-429-1401) is also available. *Text alerts are limited to 140 characters so the full alert may need to be checked using another method.

View the facility extension numbers for the Rainout Line here.

Our Mission

The mission of Kent County Parks and Recreation is to create balanced opportunities for our patrons to play, learn, and grow through our programs and parks.

P&R Summer 2021 Operations Status Updates - KCPR General, Summer Camps, Aquatics and Parks (REVISED 5.31.21)

Community Distribution Locations List

View the list of community locations where we distribute program and activity information here.


On a quarterly basis, KCPR sends individuals on our email list and electronic communication with the current schedule of programs and activities, as well as, when there are new programs and activity offerings announced. Additionally, public notices of emergencies or critical public knowledge information will be communicated as soon as possible and as *technology allows via mass email (although the email method is not guaranteed to be effective or received by patrons). If you would like to be added to our email list, please email with "Add Me" in the subject line. We do not share email addresses.

You may request to be removed from our email list at any time. If you would like to be removed from our email list, please email with "Remove Me" in the subject line. You will be removed from the mailing list within one business day.